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CRAFT is a unique, strategic approach to partnering and has been developed by ICW as the framework to focus the multiple practical guides, tools and workshop applications created by ICW to support successful relationship building and the application of partnering approaches.

CRAFT stands for Collaboration, Relationship, Assessment, Fulfilment and Transformation.

CRAFT brings together holistically tried and tested approaches to building business relationships. It operates on the simple principle that the management of each business relationship is a process that can be applied to all types of partnerships to improve their effectiveness.

Click here to view an Executive Summary of CRAFT.

Alternatively, we offer a more indepth description of CRAFT. This draws together the high level concepts and approaches that have been developed under the CRAFT programme to advise clients of the scope of the CRAFT tool box and how they may identify and position CRAFT in terms of their individual needs and challenges.

It has been designed to provide a route map to understand how the multiple tools, guides and workshops are interlinked to create a programme of support for partnering and collaborative programmes whether they are starting out on the partnering journey or seeking to refine and optimise existing relationships.



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