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Collaborative Insight November 2018 - ISSUE 47

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Discussion Corner

Collaboration Beyond Business

The introduction of a systemic approach to collaborative working through initially BS 11000 and its more recent evolution to an international standard has certainly given a boost to the topic. As we see interest growing globally by both Governments and Industry alike. The recent ISO committee hosted by its newest member China surely heralds a further step forward to increase the recognition of the power of collaboration. Projects such as QinetiQ and A14 seek to open their minds and help others to flourish.

What is equally interesting is how forward thinking organisations are not only adopting the standard but investing to build upon the benefits both for their own businesses but also to reach out to their industry sectors to affect change. The standard sets the framework underpinning success remains the behaviours of people. Recently NATS announce the successful launch of the Collaboration app, reviewed and endorsed by ICW. Whilst this has been created firstly to encourage their own people to think collaboratively they have made it freely available through the App. Store to any one and every one. Not only does this gesture reflect how they see the value of collaborative working but their commitment to help others across industry.

More recently we saw the launch of the Collaborative Learning Circle at the House of Lords. A venture initiated by Kier Highways but now embracing a range of Industry partners. Their on-line programme again endorsed by ICW offers a series of learning modules which will be readily available to provide the basics of collaborative working and equally the necessary behaviours to build both capability and safety. Alongside the CLC programme they have also partnered with ‘OnSide’, a charity project that develops and supports Youth Zones, giving young people safe and inspiring places to go that will help build their confidence and future work capabilities. Mutual benefit is at the core of collaboration so this is not just an altruistic approach; it opens the way to getting young people into work and creating a new generation of skills and capability which will benefit industry and the economy in the long run.

One of the initiatives under discussion within ICW right now is driven by interest from the voluntary sector. Looking at how can charitable organisations better serve by harnessing the power of collaboration.

It’s worth considering that whilst many business and government leaders are seeking to adopt collaborative working for competitive advantage there is perhaps something more happening. As we recognise the benefits for our own organisations it is in some way opening our perspective in a much broader way. Whatever whilst innovative and pioneering organisations such as NATS and Kier are setting the drum beat there is more for us to consider in collaboration.

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