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Programme Overview

ICW Comprehensive Training & Development Programme

The ICW Capability Development Programmes reflects the growing demand by organisations for collaborative working skills at all levels, providing a comprehensive route from introduction through to an MSc in Collaborative Leadership.

Executive Briefing (½ day)
Insight Into ISO 44001 - The Next Evolution of Collaborative Working (1 day)
BS 11000/ISO 44001: Awareness or Transition (1 day)
ISO 44001: Collaborative Leaders Course (4 days)
BS 11000/ISO 44001: GAP Analysis Workshop (2 days)
Auditing BS 11000/ISO 44001 Course (2 days)
Risk Management in Collaboration Relationships (2 days)
Collaborative Culture and Behaviours (2 days)
Realisation of Collaborative Benefits (2 days)
Contracts and Collaboration (2 days)
Collaborative Leadership (MSc Module) (4½ day)

Executive Briefing (½ day)

This briefing will enable senior management to appreciate in their business context the potential opportunities, benefits, challenges and development processes to ensure maximum return on investment.

Fee: £750
Dates: England: available "in company" only

Insight Into ISO 44001 - The Next Evolution of Collaborative Working (1 day)

With the impending publication of ISO 44001 'Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems - Requirements and Framework' due on 12 February 2017, a large number of members have requested some guidance and insight to the new standard. We have therefore scheduled a number of one-day events over the coming months where the ICW team, led by David Hawkins, will be able to provide a detailed perspective for those transitioning from BS 11000 and those considering starting their collaborative journey with ISO 44001. The new Standard brings enhanced requirements, additional clarity and focus on the key principles of collaboration. Read more »

Fee: £350 with 20% discount to MICW members
Dates:6 March - Warwick University
8 March - London
14 March - Glasgow
10 April - Warwick University
20 April - Cardiff

BS 11000/ISO 44001: Awareness or Transition (1 day)

Introducing any new initiative to an organisation can be challenging this course is focused on providing high level insight for those individuals who may be initially impacted by any changes or are being assigned to collaborative programmes.

Fee: £495 + VAT
Dates: 10 January 2017
4 April 2017
4 July 2017
17 October 2017

ISO 44001: Collaborative Leaders Course (4 days)

Effective implementation of any organisational initiative and embedding change requires internal ownership and leadership. This flagship residential programme is designed to equip internal champions to implement the ISO 44001 standard and integrate solutions within the context of their organisations. Successful candidates will additionally qualify for automatic membership of ICW. Read more »

Fee: £2500 inclusive of accommodation and all meals
Dates: 28 January 2016-1 January 2017
6-9 February 2017
3-6 April 2017
22-25 May 2017
19-22 June 2017
4-8 September 2017
20-23 November 2017

BS 11000/ISO 44001: GAP Analysis Workshop (2 days)

Implementing BS 11000 will impact many functional groups within an organisation. This workshop, run in company, provides both insights to the drivers of the standard and a common cross functional understanding for organisations to assess current processes and understand how to achieve BS 11000 certification. Delivered by 2 tutors.

Fee for up to 12 delegates: £8000
Dates: Available "in company" only (Wales & England)

Auditing BS 11000/ISO 44001 Course (2 days)

For those organisations seeking to adopt the British standard and seek certification by one of the ICW validated certification bodies they will be required to periodically undertake internal auditing of their processes. This course delivered provides internal auditors with the knowledge to assess this unique behavioural based standard.

Fee: £1200
Dates: 14-15 February 2017
16-17 May 2017
15-16 August 2017
10-11 October 2017
5-6 December 2017

Risk Management in Collaboration (2 days)

Collaborative relationship risk management is an integral part of BS 11000. Understanding what constitutes relationship risk and how effective mitigation strategies can be implemented is fundamental. This course looks at the role of the Joint Risk Manager and the techniques and tools that can be used to understand the potential for relationship risks throughout the relationship life cycle.

Fee: £1500
Dates: 22-23 March 2017
18-19 May 2017
14-15 September 2017
December 2017 TBA

Collaborative Culture and Behaviours (2 days)

The foundation for robust and effective collaboration relies on both the operating processes and the interactions of the parties involved. This two day course focuses on providing insight to the impacts cultures and behaviours have on performance, how to identify, monitor, measure and address both positive and negative behaviours. Read more »

Fee: £1500
Dates: 26-27 January 2017
29-30 March 2017
5-6 June 2017
23-24 October 2017

Realisation of Collaborative Benefits (2 days)

The adoption of strategic collaborations can support of a wide variety of business objectives. This two day course is aimed at firstly providing a basis to assess the potential benefits based on numerous case studies and then realisations of these throughout the life cycle of a relationship.

Fee: £1500
Dates: 16-17 January 2017
12-13 April 2017
11-12 July 2017
3-4 October 2017

Contracts and Collaboration (2 days)

The challenge for collaborative programme is frequently the potential conflict between collaborative principles and contracting terms. Contracts and collaboration can work in tandem but need to be carefully constructed to ensure they are mutually supportive. This course focuses on assessing the appropriate form of contract model from Alliance agreements through to individual collaborative contracts and the integration of concepts such as Relational contracting.

Fee: £1500 per delegate including accommodation and meals
Dates: 7-8 February 2017
7-8 June 2017
25-26 October 2017

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Collaborative Leadership (MSc Module) (4½ day)

This is 4.5 day Master's level course for business leaders, delivered by experts from WMG (University of Warwick) and the Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW). Successful delegates will gain: Improved understanding of collaboration impacts, Enhanced strategic leadership skills, Greater internal cross-functional understanding, Enhanced skills in generating value propositions, Improved partner selection processes, Enhanced ability to recognise opportunities for resource and cost optimisation.

Fee 4½ days £2100 including accommodation and meals
Dates: please contact us.

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