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Risk Management in Collaborative Relationships

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Collaborative relationship risk and benefit management is an integral part of effective performance and a requirement of ISO 44001. Understanding what constitutes relationship risk and benefit and how effective mitigation strategies can be implemented within joint risk and benefit management is fundamental.

This course looks at the role of the Joint Risk Manager and the techniques and tools that can be used to understand the potential for relationship risks and benefits within the organisation prior to undertaking a joint collaborative programme and when executing the joint programme throughout the relationship life cycle.

The course is delivered over 2 days in a high energy, interactive, facilitated training workshop environment and style. Whilst the course content is of a technical and business nature, the course style enables team working, exercises, presentations, and tailoring to specific business issues and are fun!

Benefits to Your Business

After this course delegates will have a deep understanding of collaborative relationship risk and benefit management, including the use of tools and techniques for identifying and managing risks and benefits. Course delegates shall be given the opportunity and encouraged to apply the learning into their own business scenarios and work with others to build on experiences.

Specifically the course addresses how to adopt a systemic approach to relationship risk and benefit management addressing personal, organisational and the joint enterprise aspects. This approach will create the right environment and best chance of meeting the relationship vision and objectives, and the alignment of the joint enterprise resources to its business objectives. Effective collaborative relationship risk and benefit management will significantly reduce cost and waste, enable the expected benefits to be realised to their fullest potential, and support the development of innovative bid solutions and industrial strategies.

Who Should Attend

The course is ideal for those who are or intending to be:

  • Joint Risk Managers
  • Senior Executives Responsible (SERs) for the collaborative business relationship management system and/for those leading specific relationships
  • Internal Auditors undertaking ISO 44001 audits
  • Relationship Champions and coordinators
  • Bid and procurement teams that wish to develop collaborative relationships and solutions

Course Structure

Day One

Following introduction and orientation, the course briefly reviews the basics of risk and opportunity management; specifically uncertainty versus risk, assumptions and the use of the MDAL, mitigating options and the basic risk and opportunity capture and management approaches.

As a backdrop to the next session the course discusses specific collaborative relationship risk and benefit aspects that could be experienced. A systemic approach is then described addressing relationship risk management from the context of the individual, the interaction within the organisation, business to business aspects, and concludes with the joint enterprise and its relationship within the wider eco system.

The course then looks at ISO 44001 and the specific requirements for addressing relationship risk and benefits. The delegates will complete a Business Impact Assessment, Collaborative Profile Assessment and SWOT analysis, and evolve and assess key partners and their fit to their own businesses.

The day finishes with the power of the viewing the Joint Enterprise from the context of a Business Relationship Environment Map, and from the previous assessment an overall risk assessment can be deduced and the delegates can look to mitigation strategies and prepares the delegates for the case study exercise on day 2.

Day Two

After a review of the day 1 activity, the course looks at how commercial aspects impact on relationships risk and benefit development, not least terms and conditions, pricing and incentive types and business models. The risks inherent in sustaining the relationship and how exiting the relationship may impact on the overall benefit expectations are then discussed. This session concludes with a review of procurement strategies and negotiation and their impact on relationships.

The next session reviews how relationships and their performance can be measured at the strategic, tactical and diagnostic levels, to understand the risk areas to the relationship and their root causes.

Relationship risk management is reviewed in the context of the joint risk register, joint governance and the role and responsibilities of the joint risk manager. The use of the Relationship Risk Matrix in the one-on-many and many-on-may relationships which are common in alliances and consortia is also considered.

The course concluded with a consolidation case study exercise in which the delegates are asked to define the relationship risk in a complex procurement environment, involving a consortia and multi-stakeholder environment.

Further Information

Fee: £1450 per delegate

For further details please email

Bill Taylor photoTutor

Bill Taylor - Associate Director, ICW

Bill brings his extensive experience from the military, industry and academia to support the ICW in developing effective business relationships and collaborations. Bill has held senior executive level positions in the UK and overseas, and currently provides extensive commercial and campaign business winnng coaching and training to leading Prime contractors. As an Executive Coach and Accredited ISO 44001 Facilitator Practitioner Bill has coached numerous large corporations, Joint Ventures and smaller organisations to achieve ISO 44001 certification.

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