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Collaborative Insight October 2016 - ISSUE 40

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Discussion Corner; Are Tomorrow Managers Being Developed for a Collaborative World?

Since the publication of BS 11000 many organisations have focused on achieving certification and a few have taken this as starting point to ensure that collaborative working becomes an integral aspect of their recruiting and people development programmes. Unfortunately many more have not choosing only to promote the concept of collaboration but failing to provide the understanding and skills necessary to fully benefit of the approach.

As the publication of ISO 11000 draws closer the question needs to be asked is are organisations focusing on collaborative skills. This critical area needs to be addressed as it was a unanimous consideration by the international committee in developing the standard that whilst requirements of BS 11000 were developed because of the impact on culture and behaviours in many cases this understanding was not being fully integrated.

Adopting a systemic approach to collaboration certainly provides a platform for collaboration but it can only be truly successful if the appropriate skills and capabilities are in place. As such the final draft of ISO 11000 has significantly increased the focus on competence and behaviours which will certainly challenge some organisations, even those that currently have certified to BS 11000.

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