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Collaborative Insight October 2016 - ISSUE 40

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ICW Develops and Delivers DIO Collaborative Working & BS11000 Training and Supports the DIO BS11000 Certification Programme

BS 11000 TrainingThe ICW have been heavily involved in supporting the DIO to establish the skills needed to support its collaboration programmes.

ICW Associate Director Bill Taylor completed 18 one-day specialist collaborative working and BS11000 training courses to over 280 Commercial, Service and Project Delivery personnel in the DIO. In addition, with the agreement of Carillion, where Bill originally developed an On-Line training module on collaborative working, Bill adapted the material to enable the development of the DIO On-Line Collaborative Working & BS11000 Awareness Training Module, which is now mandated for all personnel.

The On-Line Training and the one day courses were designed by Bill and the DIO Collaborative Working & BS11000 Programme Lead, Tim Seabrook, specifically to introduce the new DIO Collaborative Business Relationship Management System that is being introduced to support the DIO BS11000 certification programme. Bill delivered the one-day course in DIO Glasgow, DIO HQs Sutton Coldfield, HQs Land Command Andover, DIO Catterick and DIO Wyton with considerable success and great feedback.

"The whole day was very useful, giving a clear insight into what collaborative working really means. Really opened up what we need to apply to our organisation. Very good informative information".

"Gaining a clearer understanding of how it will affect my role and also the potential obstacles whilst gaining some skills to overcome them. Tutor was very knowledgeable on the subject and defence".

Screen shotScreen shot
Screen Shots from the DIO On-Line CW & BS11000 Awareness Training Module

Since 2015 ICW has been working closely with the DIO to establish the collaboration management system and provide advice on the development of Joint Relationship Management Plans (JRMPs) for the NGEC and Hestia programmes and the MODUS PFI. Business collaboration in the DIO is now underpinned by a very comprehensive Collaborative Working Policy, Enterprise Relationship Management Plan (ERMP) with supporting Templates and Tools, which are used to establish the Key Management Information needed to develop the Strategic and Contract JRMPs. Moreover, the collaboration requirements are integrated in all aspects of the DIO governance, not least the DIO Business Case and Approval Process, the Risk Management Processes, the DIO Business and Procurement Plans, the Business Assurance & Risk for Internal Auditing, and the SRM Framework.

The DIO is expected to achieve certification in the first half of 2017 using the NGEC, Hestia and PFI relationships as collaboration evidence of compliance to its management system.

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