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Collaborative Insight October 2016 - ISSUE 40

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ICW Hosts RATA Study Tour of the United Kingdom (Road Asset Technical Accord - RATA)

ICW in New ZealandThe Centre of Excellence for Road Asset Planning in the Waikato Region of New Zealand, Wednesday 28 September 2016.

In Attendance:

RATA: Don McLeod, Andrew McKillop, Dawn Inglis
ICW: Chaired by John Osborne, with support from Mark Sewell
KIER: Matthew Sweeting, Service Director Keir Service Highways

Coming at the end of an intensive tour of the UK the discussion covered a variety of subjects including:

  • How is the Institute supporting collaboration in the public infrastructure sector?
  • What are being identified as the biggest barriers to collaboration in the public sector?
  • What are the key 'culture' changes needed for collaborations to be successful?
  • Asset Management within the highways sector

The group were particularly interested in the experience of Matthew and hearing how collaboration has delivered benefits for Keir.

The visit was set up by the new ICW Associate Director in New Zealand, Dave McDonald who is using his experience in contracting within New Zealand to spread the word about Collaboration and BS 11000. In Andrews's words "I wish to pass on how appreciative we all were of the trouble you took to arrange our meeting, the quality of the discussions, and the passion you all have in promoting collaboration. You have certainly sowed a few seeds for us."

John Osborne, Associate Director

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