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BSI 11000
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BS 11000-1

Overview of BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships Standard (pdf)

BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships provides an eight stage approach to help organisations develop and manage their own approaches to working with other organisations more effectively. It sets out a framework that enables an organisation of any size and sector to apply good practice principles to its own way of working and has wide applications for public, private and not for profit organisations on how to manage valuable business relationships within the supply chain.

The specification is based on an eight-phase model, which enables organisations to focus their efforts from concept to disengagement:

  • Awareness: understanding where relationship management fits with your business objectives
  • Knowledge: understanding how others have progressed and developing your approach
  • Internal assessment: evaluating how your own organization is positioned to collaborate
  • Partner selection: finding the right partner relationship to complement your objectives
  • Working relationship: building a joint approach focused on mutual benefit
  • Additional value creation: developing additional value from the relationship
  • Staying together: ensuring that you measure and maintain maximum benefit
  • Exit strategy: recognizing the changes both internal and external and preparing for disengagement
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BS 11000-2

BS 11000-2 helps to establish and improve collaborative relationships. It does this by giving guidance for the effective implementation of BS 11000-1, which sets out a framework for collaborative business relationships.

This guide has been developed using pan-industry best practice, including the experience of early adopters of BS 11000-1. It provides practical advice on implementing each element of BS 11000-1.

BS 11000-1 and BS 11000-2 should be used together.

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