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To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

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Raising the Standard for International Collaboration

Developing effective collaborative business relationships through the implementation of ISO 44001 to meet the business challenges of the 21st century.

David E. Hawkins
September 2017
312 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-910792-79-7

Paperback: £19.99 + £2 p&p

Ebook: £9.00 (to download in PDF format - 71.9MB)

Revisiting the author's previous bestselling book 'Raising the standard for collaboration' in the context of the new ISO 44001 and refreshing case studies based on developments since the publication of BS 11000; Collaborative Business relationships and its recent evolution to an international standard.

The aim of the book is to provide an introduction to the concepts and value of collaboration and ISO 44001:2017 Collaborative Business Relationships - A framework specification. It focuses on providing a first step to adoption and implementation. The concept of collaboration is investigated from three perspectives:

Why: Looking at the benefits of a collaborative standard, opportunities and risks in the context of collaborative working and how this can support a business development strategy that positions relationships to maximum effect.

How: Exploring the benefits, structure and implementation of ISO 44001 to provide a robust framework for collaborative working, ensuring a sustainable business.

Where: To explore the potential applications of the approach in ensuring the creation of business value.

The book features a combination of theory, practical case studies and an outline of building blocks for successful collaboration.

The Importance of relationships ♦ Collaboration ♦ Risk and opportunity ♦ Culture ♦ Creating trust ♦ Collaborative leadership ♦ positioning relationships ♦ Introduction to ISO 44001 ♦ Operational Awareness ♦ Knowledge ♦ Internal assessment ♦ Partner selection ♦ Working together ♦ Value creation ♦ Staying together ♦ Exit strategy ♦ Implementing collaborative certification programmes ♦ Customer engagement ♦ Supply chain ♦ Outsourcing ♦ Collaborative contracting ♦ Alliance modelling ♦ Mergers and acquisitions ♦ SME collaborative clusters ♦ Collaborating for sustainability ♦ Third sector ♦ The Hybrid Corporation and Future of collaboration.

"David Hawkins is the world's leading expert on 'Collaborative Working'. His passion for - and illumination of - the subject is simply amazing, leading the way to ensure that 'Collaborative Working' takes its rightful place as a vital business discipline. His professional and dedicated hard work in achieving ISO 44001 is recognised by all as essential and exemplary. I have no hesitation in recommending his latest book as a 'must read' for both practitioners and academics in this developing and competitive area. It will take its place as the bible for both achieving ISO 44001 and the many benefits that 'Collaborative Working' can bring to an organisation."

Lord David Evans of Watford

"Every business is built by effective collaborative relationships. This is a comprehensive and an essential text packed full of valuable insights into effective international collaboration. The book clearly describes core tenants of effective collaborative working and it is an excellent source for the practical use of ISO 44001 with exemplar cases written by the master of the field!"

Professor Mehmet Chakkol, Warwick Business School

Corporate Social Responsibility

Balancing Tomorrow's Sustainability and Today's Profitability.

David E. Hawkins
April 2006
296 Pages
ISBN: 0-230-00220-X

Many companies recognise the importance of corporate social responsibility, but seek to understand how this can be harmonized with current profitability. This new approach, drawing upon many contemporary examples, demonstrates the importance of balancing short term profitability with long term sustainability and shows how this relates to many business issues and aspects including environmental change, ethical trading, corporate governance, risk management, sustainable development and competitive balance.

Conflicts of Sustainability ♦ Global Business ♦ Strategic Conflict ♦ Environmental Change ♦ Resources ♦ Waste ♦ Social Change ♦ Individual Versus Group ♦ Pollution Trading ♦ Ethical Trading - Technology Impacts ♦ Energy ♦ Regulation ♦ Corporate Governance ♦ Risk Management ♦ Brand Management ♦ Stakeholder Values ♦ Sustainable Development ♦ Eco-efficiency ♦ Off-shoring and Outsourcing ♦ Future Focus ♦ Profit from CSR ♦ Change Management ♦ Measuring Progress not Rhetoric ♦ Infrastructure Balance ♦ Alternative Business Models ♦ Competitive Balance ♦ Collaborating for the Future ♦ Creating Sustainable Value ♦ Common Sense Leadership

The Bending Moment

Energizing Corporate Business Strategy

David E. Hawkins
September 2005
288 Pages
ISBN: 1-4039-9838-8

This book draws upon the idea that internal and external pressures and stresses can result in a change in the shape and form of the organization, the ‘bending moment'. It suggests the importance of a holistic business strategy as a crucial part of building for success in the complexity of the market place and relates this to a range of themes and topics including mergers and acquisitions, risk management, leadership and change management.

The Force of Balance ♦ Corporate Silos ♦ Customers and Competitors ♦ Business Environment ♦ Mergers and Takeovers ♦ Acquisitions ♦ Partners and Outsourcing ♦ Market Knowledge ♦ Strategic Stakeholders ♦ Strategic Stress ♦ Holistic Self-Assessment ♦ Allies ♦ Corporate Initiatives ♦ Strategic Sustainability ♦ Finance Management ♦ Goals & Objectives ♦ Planning and Processes ♦ Risk Management ♦ Leadership ♦ Tactics ♦ Change Management ♦ Visibility ♦ Collaboration ♦ Agents and Representatives ♦ Optimising Strategy ♦ Creating Destiny ♦ Testing the Temperature ♦ Adapting the Direction ♦ Building for the Next Shift ♦

Sun Tzu and the Project Battleground

Creating Project Strategy from 'The Art of War'

David E. Hawkins & Shan Rajagopal
October 2004
240 Pages
ISBN: 1403943214

The Art of War by Sun Tzu has influenced a generation of business leaders and strategy gurus. Yet for many people in business and students of management this remains a mystery. For the first time the authors provide a fully comprehensive account of this work and the influence of Sun Tzu and the relevance to business strategy and project management. Their book will give the reader the opportunity to appreciate and benefit from this crucial work.

The Battleground ♦ Strategic Assessment ♦ Doing Battle ♦ Planning a Siege ♦ Formation ♦ Force ♦ Emptiness and Fullness ♦ Armed Struggle ♦ Adaptations ♦ Manoeuvring Armies ♦ Terrain ♦ Nine Guards ♦ Fire Attack ♦ On the Use of Spies ♦


"The Art of War has influenced a generation of business leaders and gurus, but for many others has remained a puzzle. This is a comprehensive treatment and will appeal to and work for all, at varying levels."

Keith Clack, Best Business Books, The Bookseller

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