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To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

Special Interest Groups - List of Member

If you would like to contact any of these SIG members, please contact Alan Maund at the ICW office.

Marketing and Communications

Hosted by Louise McMahon

David Hawkins, Louise McMahon, Paul Connor, John Osborne, Adrian Wright, Bethan Davies, Nigel Busby, Catherine Macleod, Alan Maund

Attitudes & Behaviours (Collaborative Behaviours & Challenges?)

Hosted by Sarah Vanderheide

Jonathan Canioni, Tyrone Fletcher, David Hawkins, Elizabeth Kavanagh, Paula Lindores, Lois Love, Clare Macdonald, Alan Maund, Louise Merritt, David Sanders, Diane Smith, Kevin Tozer, Sarah Vanderheide, Adrian Wright

Professional Development

Hosted by Jo Potter

David Hawkins, Kevin Hogwood, Denis Leonard, Lois Love, Jo Potter, Gail Stephenson


Hosted by Andy Green

Andy Green, Chris Valle, John Cockaday, Valerie Elliott, Andrea Holt, Jonathan Gawthrop, Jeremy Campbell, Jo Potter, Elrini Etoimou

Small-Medium Enterprises

Hosted by Andrew Dixon

Andrew Dixon, Jill Clancy, Anne-Marie Wedd, Mike Gawthorne, Stuart Nixon, Christian Michaelis, Andy Green, Richard Bryson

Third Sector

Hosted by Humraaj Singh

Judith Chorley, Lucy Gower, Chris Haley, David Hawkins, Jason Hier, Kirsty Kelley, Michelle Lawrence, Kirsty Necker, Humraaj Singh

Collaborative Leadership

Hosted by Odilon Serrano

David Hawkins, Bruno Marques, Odilon Serrano, Bill Taylor

Thought Leadership

Hosted by Adrian Miller

Steve Abrahams, Kelachi Amadi-Echendu, Jeremy Campbell, Mehmet Chakkol, Denton Clutterbuck, David Hawkins, Andrew Hopper, Frank Lee, Clare Macdonald, Tim Mowat, Odilon Serrano, Ramon Tàrrech

Public Procurement

Hosted by Alan Hartley

Colin Bell, Liz Crowhurst, Alan Hartley FCIPS, Bill Taylor

Defence & Security

Hosted by Tim Mowat

David Hawkins, Tim Mowat, Richard Smith

Construction and Infrastructure

Hosted by Tyrone Fletcher

Scott Cooper, Tyrone Fletcher, Paul Francis, Paul Greenwood, David Hawkins, Tim Miller, Gillian Peters, Bill Taylor, Kevin Tozer

(Future of) ISO 44001

Hosted by Steve Abrahams

Stephen Abrahams, David Hawkins, Richard Smith


We have set up forums - one for each Special Interest Group, which ICW Executive Network, Members and Associates can join and discuss their area of interest. Details can be found in the Members Hub (available only to ICW Executive Network, Members and Associates).

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