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Advisory Council

The ICW Board and the Foundation Management Board have taken the decision to move the organisation on and find more ways to get the involvement and engagement of members through the creation of an elected advisory council.

The key details are:

  1. The Council will consist of 16 elected members. There will be 8 places elected by the corporate (Executive Network) members and 8 places elected by the MICW and FICW individual members. It will be chaired in a non-executive capacity by either a member of the ICW Executive or Main Board. The Main board reserve the right to appoint an additional 2 members if appropriate to ensure broad and appropriate sector and expert representation.
  2. Corporate members will be elected as individuals but will serve on behalf of the corporate.
  3. There will be a number of sector categories for both corporate and individual places. These will be:-
    • Construction/infrastructure
    • Transport
    • Technology and communications
    • Defence and security
    • Public and third sector
    • Support services
    • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals
    • Manufacturing and industrial
    • Energy and utilities
    • General category
  4. Nomination forms will be completed and indicate which category or categories the individual or corporate wishes to seek election to.
  5. The highest votes received in each category will secure a place up to a maximum of 8 places. Where someone wins the most votes in more than one category, they will secure a place in the category with the highest number of votes. In the additional category, the place will be taken by the second person receiving the highest number of votes.
  6. 4 corporate members receiving the highest votes will be elected for a period of 4 years. The remaining 4 elected members with the lowest votes will serve a period of 2 years. Members initially elected to serve for 2 years may seek a further 4 year term. There will be a maximum of 2 terms served. Those who have already served a 4 year term cannot seek re-election until a period of 2 years has passed.
  7. Individual MICW and FICW if elected will serve a term of office of 2 years. They may stand for a maximum of 2 terms.
  8. When seeking election they must indicate which category they wish to be considered for.
  9. Any person working as an associate or executive for ICW is disqualified from standing for election.

Nomination Forms

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