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To support people, organisations and business to understand the value of collaboration and the benefits achieved through collaborative working.

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Collaboration is high on the agenda of many companies and business sectors in Scotland. A key theme running throughout the recommendations contained in the Wood Review for the Oil & Gas industry is the need to ensure effective collaboration between parties to improve efficiency. The Scottish Government, following the recommendations of the Christie Commission, accepts "The public sector needs to continue to develop collaboration and joint-working to deliver more efficient and user-focused services. The key issue is that councils cannot on their own deliver the kind of radical change to service provision that is needed."

ICW Scotland has already been active in raising awareness of successful collaborations by hosting conferences and workshops at Aberdeen University and working alongside some of the largest organisations in Scotland. Its future plans include assisting and advising public and private sector organisations through seminars and workshops in a variety of locations, and working directly with individual companies to help them develop their own collaborative culture.

Our Approach

We will support and encourage best practices in collaborative working. We will coach individuals and teams to help them develop the right mindset, attitude and behaviour to maintain the right relationships in any partnership. We will encourage and guide companies on how to use a structured process to deliver tangible benefits to all parties involved. We endorse the principles of ISO 44001 (Managing Collaborative Relationships) and provide advice and support to businesses and organisations of all sectors who feel they would benefit from the adoption of such a high quality international standard.

In true collaborative fashion we will work with any agency genuinely interested in working collaboratively with others to produce innovative services, solutions or products. We will act as the conduit for Scottish companies to tap into the vast array of knowledge and experience the Institute for Collaborative Working has gained in a variety of sectors and countries.


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