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Associate & Student Associate Membership (AICW)

If you would like to be considered for our MICW (Member) status and related benefits then please click here to submit our form outlining your experience in the Collaborative Working area. We will then get back to you within a short time with a link to process your membership.

Associate Membership (AICW)

This is an initial entry level for those individuals wanting to engage with the ICW community and with the aim to migrate to full membership. The application process looks to validate their current experience and intent through our membership panel. Associate members would be expected to have migrated to full membership within 2 years.

Student Associate Membership

In recognition of developments with the academic community, ICW have a student membership entry level which is intended to provide access to the Institute's knowledge base during their study period based on confirmation of student status. As with associate membership applications will be validated and approved by our membership panel.

Membership is via an online process requiring individuals to support their application with details of their current experience and aims. Each application will be reviewed by our membership panel. In the case of Student associates they will also need to provide evidence of their current educational status. For associate membership this level of annual membership is for a maximum of 2 years beyond which they would be expected to have progressed to full membership. In the case of student associate membership this will remain whilst they are in education whether full or part time.

Please note that subscription payments are NON REFUNDABLE due to the downloads that are available immediately to our paying members.

Application form coming soon. In the meantime, please contact us for more information.

Suite 2, 21 Bloomsbury Square, London WC1A 2NS . Email: enquiries@icw.uk.com . Phone: 0203 051 1077
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