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Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

Advancing collaboration to make good things happen

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Managing Collaboration Across Complex Multiple Relationships

The complexity of modern programmes requires a proactive, transparent and efficient use of resources in order to deliver operational benefits from collaborative working alongside meeting the requirements of ISO 44001.

Management of Complex Relationships

The Institute, through its experience of supporting organisations with the implementation of ISO 44001 and BS 11000, recognises the demands on resources which are necessary to successfully manage multiple relationships, while meeting the requirements of complex delivery programmes. Integrating the high-level structure and requirements of ISO 44001 with state-of-the-art technology provides a real opportunity to meet the management challenges in complex, multiple relationships. Frequently, limitations on resources constrain visibility and transparency, which in turn can dilute the benefits to be gained from collaborative business relationships. To enhance capability and provide a platform for robust management, the Institute has been working with Affinitext to develop a technology solution that effectively builds on our collaborative working experience and the principles of the Standard. This technology solution is an efficient, proactive tool for all partners to support and enhance their complex collaborative relationships. The unique merging of technology and practical experience offers a major step forward for those challenged by the demands of today’s multi-dimensional programmes, where contractual obligations can exceed tens of thousands.

A Technology Based Solution

The benefits of an effective collaborative business relationship have been well documented. However, increasingly complex and diverse programmes and contracts escalate the demands on management and resources. In parallel, the responsibilities and liabilities of these programmes and the need for greater transparency leads to more demanding contractual requirements. Frequently, valuable opportunities which could be gained from collaborative working are lost or diminished through operational pressures. The collaboration with Affinitext combines the Institute’s knowledge and experience with leading technology, to:

  • Increase visibility across relationships
  • Enhance partner engagement
  • Automate task management to maintain the drum beat for delivery and benefit realisation
  • Effectively focus capability and effort, and optimise resources (the right resource at the right time, focused on the right task)
  • Capture and share knowledge
  • Integrate collaboration with the contract obligations, aligning the collaborative activity with the contract
  • Embed agreed operating practice as the standard way of working
  • Ensure efficient ISO 44001 compliance

Deliver better value from collaborative working!

What Does ICW – Affinitext Offer?

The Institute, as the thought leaders behind ISO 44001, has striven to develop a collaborative business relationship standard which incorporates best practice principles. The Institute has the practical experience of supporting many organisations in implementing the Standard. It therefore brings to this partnership a wealth of knowledge to maximise the full potential of collaborative working and the underpinning management systems. By combining this experience with Affinitext’s powerful Intelligent Document Format (‘IDF’) technology, now being widely adopted for contract understanding and management on major projects globally, we have been able to build a proactive programme around the Standard. The IDF versions of the Standard are fully licensed and the platform is supported by detailed ICW compliance guidance, with access to a library of ICW research and guidance materials, tools, training and support from ICW specialists. Underpinned by the Standard, the platform combines an array of capabilities to build and customise management approaches, develop and implement corporate relationship management plans and develop and implement multiple joint relationship management plans. The platform enhances effective collaborative working to meet or exceed the contract requirements. This unique combination drives real value out of the contract and the collaboration. For our government clients, the solution is available via the G-Cloud Framework Agreement.

What are the Benefits?

If collaboration has been identified by management as a critical factor for success, then this solution enables management and the teams to:

  • Build a truly integrated approach
  • Manage multiple relationships across the joint enterprise
  • Increase visibility and transparency
  • Assign responsibilities and reduce duplication of effort
  • Reduce management resources
  • Anticipate relationship issues
  • Identify and plan actions – aligned to the drum beat for delivery
  • Use best practice and lessons learned
  • Enhance reporting capability
  • Align contracts & collaboration
  • Support capability development
  • Maintain management systems
  • Focus on potential risk issues
  • Improve internal auditing
  • Support appropriate certification

Harness the benefits of collaborative working through greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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